A VIN Is Not Enough


If you’re a dealer getting your inventory online, you’re making it easy and convenient for a potential customer to find the product they are looking for online and drop by your dealership. This increases the odds that potential clients will stop into “engage with” or “reach out to” your dealership.

Accurate vehicle description is critical so that consumers know what they’re paying for and why the car is priced as it is. Dealers can use information available from the VIN to populate their website, but that isn’t the complete picture of a vehicle. Not even close. Here’s a short list of things the VIN number CAN’T tell a consumer:

  • Vehicle trim details
  • Mechanical details
  • Entertainment options
  • Luxury features
  • Interior and exterior descriptions
  • Safety & technology features installed
  • Interior and exterior colors


If you just entered info from a VIN alone into your website, all you’re giving your consumers is a basic overview of what the car could feature. Accurate Build Data can give the consumer a complete picture of the vehicle’s most saleable features. Take the example of a Subaru Legacy. Based on a VIN alone, a dealer might not even be able to tell what the trim level is, which is significant because there’s a $6,845 price variance between the Standard, Premium, Sport, and Limited packages on a Subaru Legacy.

The VIN alone can’t give you any of the interior, exterior, mechanical or safety features that Subaru is known for, nor does it include any options.

But with Build Data, you’d be able to tell that this particular VIN has high-beam assist, a body molding kit, remote engine start, a sunroof, and an optional pearl finish on the exterior paint. That’s a value add of $3,438, which is a considerable difference in the selling price.

Not only does this aid the dealer in charging the fairest price for their inventory, but it also helps a customer viewing the vehicle online understand that price.

If the trim level is a higher value, then they’ll understand why it costs more. If you don’t have accurate information, then your dealership runs the risk of looking out of touch with the market value of your inventory, simply because the online information isn’t completed.

Comprehensive and accurate build information is critical to creating the kind of mobile, online showrooms that today’s consumers expect to see, and settling for generic data just won’t cut it anymore.

Good data is the future for online car sales, and Build Data offers the most robust and complete solution on the market.

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