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World’s Most Complete Vehicle Data

The backbone of our product offerings, our data products set the standard for vehicle descriptions and include the world’s most detailed and complete new vehicle, VIN and historical data, as well as residual values, dealer-friendly editorial content and mapping products.

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New Vehicle Data

The leading vehicle descriptive data for over 25 years, our new data packages offers unsurpassed breadth and depth, covering virtually every domestic and foreign vehicle and diving into as much or as little descriptive detail as needed.

We have been the leader in vehicle descriptive data for over 25 years, and we’ve held that position by mastering both the breadth and depth of automotive data with special attention to building incredibly accurate VIN data products.

Mastering depth means we go into as much or as little detail as you need. We have data products that list only vehicle name, or we have data products that reveal every price point, technical specification and ordering rule. We can give you critical information like engine size, type and fuel, or we can give you more esoteric details like the number of cup holders and the full list of interior and exterior colors available, along with their ordering codes!

  • Complete pricing information available for fleet and retail vehicles
  • Available with fleet or retail data and prices
  • Full technical specifications
  • All standard and optional equipment
  • Available option logic decodes the mystery of option compatibility and price
  • Data coverage for US and Canadian models
  • Translations available in English, French or Spanish
  • The highest standard in the industry for accuracy and timeliness
  • NVD: the full, rich details of any new vehicle, with or without machine-readable configuration logic
  • Style Map: a list of vehicles by year, make, model, trim and style, with no other descriptions
  • Quick Data: Style Map data with the addition of basic pricing information
  • NVD Archives: historical information on new vehicles

Third Party Mapping

Direct mapping between a Chrome Style ID and third party providers streamlines workflow and enables better representation for lease agreements, loan originations and remarketing decisions.

Chrome Data is enabling faster and more accurate mapping between a vehicle and used value providers. Our Used Valuation Mapping tables allow you to easily link a vehicle’s Chrome Style ID with its corresponding Vehicle ID from the recognized authorities on:

  • Used vehicle valuations: Kelley Blue Book, Black Book, NADA and NADAGuides. Forget visiting multiple websites for information or making best guesses, our mapping tables enable you to easily retrieve the Chrome Style ID and a provider’s Vehicle ID. Essential for fleet companies, financial institutions and remarketers, our mapping tables drive better vehicle representation, competitive market pricing and greater profitability.
  • ACES Mapping: Direct mapping between a Chrome Style ID and ACES vehicle ID reduces multiple parts ordering and returns while enabling smooth integration with our VIN decoding and content solutions to easily access complete vehicle descriptions.
  • Autodata Mapping Table: This mapping product consists of vehicle-to-vehicle mapping between Autodata’s Acodes and Chrome’s Style IDs and enables a user to connect products from both companies. Each vehicle mapping is labeled as either an exact or inexact fit. The mapping begins with the 2000 model year vehicles for US and Canada.
  • ALG Mapping Data: Created for companies that use both ALG and Chrome, often lenders and fleet companies, this product includes mapping of Chrome StyleID, ALG ID and Year.
  • Direct mapping between a Chrome Style ID and Vehicle ID from Kelley Blue Book, Black Book, NADA and NADAGuides
  • NADA and NADAGuides tables updated monthly with data from the current model year back to 1997
  • Black Book and Kelley Blue Book tables updated bi-monthly with data from the current model year back to 1998
  • ACES Mapping updated monthly with data from 1981 to present
  • ALG Updated monthly, with data from 2004 to present
  • Streamline and simplify workflow
  • Secure better vehicle representation for lease agreements, loan originations and remarketing decisions
  • Benefit from the industry-standard way to communicate vehicle information between third party providers


Manufacturers use IncentiveWatch to research competitive incentive program changes to support strategic and tactical incentive decision-making to keep their dealers competitive, maintain their brand and protect residual values.

Gain timely, anywhere access to competitive incentive data with our online library of national, regional, consumer and dealer incentive data for North American vehicles. Library includes timely data updates, cross-links to corresponding vehicles down to the trim and option level, historical data back to January 2009. All data is displayed in the original OEM data format.

  • Respond to market changes fast with an online library of national, regional, consumer and dealer incentive data for all North American vehicles
  • Maintain a competitive advantage with comprehensive data, timely updates and incentive change notifications
  • Save time by cross-linking incentive offers to corresponding vehicles all the way down to the trim and option level
  • Trend competitors incentive spends over time compared with pricing, content and sales volume
  • Access historical incentive data for Canadian vehicles back to January 2006 (back to January 2000 in the data warehouse) through the Canadian version of this product