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To help you optimize our comprehensive vehicle descriptions we provide dynamic, engaging images and videos. Working with the best names in the business we match our detailed vehicle data to still images, full motion video, and more. The result? Your applications are richer, more complete, and more compelling to your customers.

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Chrome Image Gallery


We offer various image gallery packages that will fit any budget and every need. Our images are mapped to work with all of our data sets so integration is simple and quick. Knowing you have the highest quality images out there before the rest of the market will help give your sales tools a clear advantage! Call us today to learn more about what image gallery is right for you.


Professional, high-quality photos do more to pull in consumers than words ever will. Our photo library includes just the right number of images, with all the most requested angles.


In the Chrome Gallery, we feature every vehicle’s most requested views. Increase web traffic and the power of your listings today!


Our comprehensive color-matched images, in multiple angles, enhance vehicle listings for more leads and sales. The image gallery is automatically updated as new colors are added.

Products Details
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  • Both US and Canadian libraries are available
  • Up to 16 of a vehicle’s most requested interior and exterior views
  • Multiple angles for color-matched images
  • Automatic addition of new paints added after start of production
  • Paint colors tied to configuration to match color with each trim and body style
  • Showroom-quality and produced in-house
  • Linked to a Chrome Style ID
  • Choose white (jpg) and/or transparent (png) background
  • Images delivered via FTP (Image Files) or Media Server (URLs)
  • Images available in sizes L(1280×960), M(640×480), S(320×240) with an additional XL(2100×1575) on the Media Server
  • Extra Large images begin with 2016 model year, large images begin with the 2015 model year, medium and small images begin with the 2010 model year and forward

Adjust to responsive web design with four potential sizes for 2016 model year with subsequent model years added as they become available for all cars and light-duty trucks in the U.S. and Canada

  • Enhance inventory descriptions and create compelling presentations for more leads and sales
  • Offer cost-effective and broad coverage for each vehicle
  • For the majority of vehicles, you will receive images at the same time as new vehicle pricing is released
  • Quickly and easily bring a complete library of images to your site with links to each vehicle’s Chrome Style ID
  • Work with only one proven automotive data provider for all your vehicle information and image needs
  • Decide how you want images delivered: as Image Files or through a Media Server

New Car Test Drive

Detailed model-level vehicle reviews written by professional journalists include high-level information, granular detail and driving impressions to enhance inventory descriptions and increase leads and sales.

We can help you meet consumer demand for detailed online vehicle information that feels like sitting in the driver’s seat.

The New Car Test Drive is a model-level vehicle review written by professional journalists who have driven the cars. The reviews are written to appeal to a wide-range of consumers and are divided into 11 segments, so you control which segments to present and in what order to present them.

New Car Test Drive delivers the detailed online vehicle information consumers demand, written in a way that feels like sliding behind the wheel.

Product Details
  • Tagline noting a vehicle’s best-selling points
  • Vehicle introduction
  • Interior features
  • Exterior features
  • Concise summary
  • Complete model line-up
  • Country of assembly
  • Options as tested
  • Model tested
  • Reviews cover US vehicles from the 2000 model year forward
  • Linked to a Chrome Style ID
  • Updated weekly
  • Written by professional journalists who have driven the vehicles
  • User-friendly format and easy to digest content
  • Features what is unique and valuable about the vehicle

Create compelling, detailed vehicle presentations to drive leads and sales

  • Put consumers in the driver’s seat with professional reviews written by journalists who have driven the vehicles
  • Work with proven automotive data providers for all of your vehicle information and review needs
  • Easily integrate reviews with Chrome Data’s complete suite of products
  • Control which review segments you present and the order in which they are presented to meet the needs of your consumers

SpinCar 360° Walkarounds


Using the actual photos of your vehicles, SpinCar seamlessly creates interior and exterior 360° spins that increase consumer engagement by providing an intuitive and dynamic experience shoppers are familiar with. Automatically tagged hotspots allow dealers to embed not only videos but also calls-to-action, special offers, and OEM collateral which highlights vehicle features. This solution has proven to elevate website engagement by over 56% while lifting conversion rates to lead submissions by 42% on average.


Using our complete US and Canadian library of high-quality, professional vehicle images, SpinCar creates interior and exterior 360° spins of your new car inventory. Hotspots are automatically tagged to maximize engagement on each and every VDP.


Drive higher engagement by putting the consumer in control with simple spins: 360° simple spins are automatically created from our complete US and Canadian library of vehicle images and embedded on your VDPs so you can be sure that each shopper is given the best experience possible while looking for their next dream car.


See what’s important to prospective buyers by tracking hotspot clicks on each individual feature–not just pages or VINs. This patented technique for tracking user behavior gives your sales team the power to fully customize their conversations to every submitted lead. Does a shopper spend more time looking at the engine than anything else? Or maybe they’ve been reading up on the warranty. Now you know exactly what matters to them and your BDC can leverage this data to have a custom sales conversation

Automotive Videos by UnityWorks

Our sister company UnityWorks provides a comprehensive suite of enriched data-driven digital products, from VIN videos and model/service videos to computer generated vehicle imagery. We enable the automotive industry to make the best first impression where the vehicle sale begins, on the customer’s desktop, tablet or mobile screen. Unityworks continues to revolutionize the way in which dealerships merchandise their online inventory.

  • VIN Walkarounds
  • Service Educational Videos
  • Model Video Pages
  • Pre-Roll Campaign Ads
Learn More About UnityWorks
  • Direct mapping between a Chrome Style ID and Vehicle ID from Kelley Blue Book, Black Book, NADA and NADAGuides
  • NADA and NADAGuides tables updated monthly with data from the current model year back to 1997
  • Black Book and Kelley Blue Book tables updated bi-monthly with data from the current model year back to 1998
  • ACES Mapping updated monthly with data from 1981 to present
  • ALG Updated monthly, with data from 2004 to present
  • Streamline and simplify workflow
  • Secure better vehicle representation for lease agreements, loan originations and remarketing decisions
  • Benefit from the industry-standard way to communicate vehicle information between third party providers


Detailed and expert reviews on cars and light-duty trucks developed and published by our data analysts and focused on a vehicle’s overall strengths and value to the consumer.

AutoBrief is the fast and easy way to deliver detailed, expert reviews on cars and light-duty trucks to your customers and website visitors. Because our reviews focus on a vehicle’s overall strengths and the value a vehicle brings to the consumer, instead of subjective comparisons, our AutoBrief reviews are optimal for dealership use.

Developed and published by our data analysts and backed by our 25 years of industry experience and vehicle data, the AutoBrief reviews cover 2007 vehicles with additional reviews added as new model year vehicles are introduced.

AutoBrief is the perfect way to clarify the benefits of a vehicle so that consumers can make the best and most-informed vehicle buying decisions.

Product Details
  • Each review includes model year, division name, Model ID, model strengths, model changes, the value the model brings to the consumer, and a final model overview
  • Each review includes the Model ID so you can link back to any New Vehicle Data product
  • Reviews cover 2007 vehicle to date and are updated weekly

All the information you need on a vehicle model in one easy-to-access place

  • Easily get weekly updates from the Chrome Data update site or the Chrome FTP site
  • Review all aspects of the vehicle model category by category, or use the Model Overview to research and present the most important vehicle highlights