Vehicle Research


Our research products are unsurpassed

The breadth and depth of our research products is unsurpassed. From build, price, and configuration tools to VIN data, option descriptions, ordering systems and dynamic interactive media, we offer everything professionals and consumers need to make informed vehicle decisions.

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Accessories & Personalization

Over $38 billion of accessories are sold each year. We offer a robust accessories solution with seamless website integration to help business to consumers portals, manufacturers and dealers take advantage of this opportunity.

Our accessories solutions make it easy to display, promote and upsell accessories at numerous customer touch points. It can align with build and price and comparison solutions for manufacturers. Dealers can show in-store customers their accessories options, spark ideas with detailed online accessories content, including adding the accessories to virtual vehicles, market through CRM and Lead Management tools, and include in mobile applications and social media messages.

Our comprehensive solutions include VIN-based searches, vehicle images, daily data updates, digital displays of accessorized vehicles and dealer customized pricing. We offer extensive experience in large scale roll outs.

  • Display, promote and upsell accessories in-store, online, in CRM and Lead Management tools, mobile applications and through social media
  • Provide detailed, dynamic information to add profit to every sale
  • Access all major brand accessories catalogs along with accurate vehicle images from a huge range of year, make, model, and style.
  • Customize pricing with dealer markups, installation and labor hours

Build & Price

Consumers count on online vehicle research and pricing tools to help them make informed buying decisions. The right tools on your website can be the difference between retaining website visitors and earning the lead, or losing potential buyers to the competition. Our robust build and price solutions are the tools you need to come out on top.

Whether you need a plug-and-play application, a fully functional and customizable web service, a solution for a mobile device, or something to support your latest social media campaign, we have you covered. Our solutions combine the best vehicle data and configuration logic with cutting-edge design and a user-friendly environment. Used by the vast majority of manufacturers and automotive retailers, our build and price solutions deliver a competitive advantage at a low cost.

  • Maintain your own brand with a framed-in or customizable configurator
  • Retain control of your consumer experience and workflow
  • Choose a plug-and-play application or fully customizable web service solution
  • Always have the most current and accurate information and pricing for vehicles and options
  • Always have up-to-date and accurate vehicle images


Our web service delivers vehicle research, configuration and comparison tools the way your business needs them, making it easy for you to construct web solutions that display and configure vehicles.

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Enhance your web presence and generate more leads with our web-based vehicle configuration, research and pricing tool that combines the best vehicle data and configuration logic with leading-edge design and a user-friendly interface.

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Competitive Comparison

A robust vehicle comparisons tool is essential to retain consumers on your site, and encourage them to the next phase of the buying cycle. Our fully functional and customizable web services solutions deliver unbiased, accurate and timely vehicle content, complete with customizations that allow you to highlight the best features of your brands. It’s no wonder manufacturers representing over 90 percent of new vehicle sales in the United States use our competitive comparison solutions.

Benefit from daily data updates and unsurpassed data accuracy. Allow consumers to compare within your brand or across competitors. Highlight the best features of your brand. Our solutions deliver the information consumers demand in a format you control.

  • Deliver unbiased, accurate and timely vehicle data and vehicle images
  • Control the positioning of your vehicle line-up
  • Highlight vehicle advantages and showcase best feature
  • Customize look and feel for a consistent user experience


Our web service delivers vehicle research, configuration and comparison tools the way your business needs them, making it easy for you to construct web solutions that display and configure vehicles.

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Ordering & Professional Tools

When you need to reply to vehicle quote requests, order vehicles or verify vehicle orders, your margin for error is slim to none. Quote the wrong price, miss an option or make an ordering mistake, and your bottom line could take a big hit. For fleet professionals especially, accurate, real-time invoice and MSRP pricing is paramount.

We offer desktop and web-based solutions that drive the most informed vehicle decisions. Quickly and easily price, configure and order any vehicle at any price level. Optimize vehicle pricing and configuration decisions with robust analytical and comparison tools. Leverage our web services solutions and professional services to create your own custom vehicle ordering tool that integrates with your proprietary system. Our solutions are the most accurate and comprehensive in the industry, delivering the business knowledge you need in the way you need it.

  • Drive informed decisions with comprehensive desktop and web-based research and pricing tools
  • Access the most current and accurate invoice, MSRP and incentive pricing for any vehicle
  • Produce professional reports and worksheets for consumers and clients
  • Easily verify the accuracy of orders and vehicle orderability
  • Optimize vehicle pricing and configuration decisions with analytical and comparison tools


Our flexible, multi-user, web-based research and reporting tool for fleet professionals includes seven components that can be licensed individually or as a complete set, offering instant access to vehicle information for powerful proposals that drive more sales.

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Our web service delivers vehicle research, configuration and comparison tools the way your business needs them, making it easy for you to construct web solutions that display and configure vehicles.

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Pricing & Valuation


The moment a vehicle shopper says, “I can afford this car!” is the moment a sale becomes much more likely. We help you generate more of those moments with region-specific rebates and incentives, rebates and residuals for a new or used vehicle. Our pricing solutions can be seamlessly integrated into online applications and existing workflows. Don’t hide the vital incentive information that can earn you a sale, or let consumers be intimidated by high purchase prices. Deliver the detailed pricing information that makes a vehicle attainable, and speed up sales


Make the best buying, selling and financing decisions with our valuation solutions. We help you efficiently assess vehicle value with mapping between a Chrome Style ID and the corresponding vehicle ID and option codes from NADA, Black Book and Kelley Blue Book. We also map ALG residual values to the Chrome Style ID so you can easily use residual values the way you need them – whether constructing profitable financing deals, on automotive retailing websites or on financing source websites. We put all the information you need at your fingertips, driving better, faster and smarter business decisions

  • Drive more qualified leads and sales with a dealer-specific monthly payment calculator and region-specific rebates and incentives
  • Offer a summary view of real-time incentives, rebates and special offers for a particular manufacturer, and/or provide new vehicle incentive data on a specific model for a specific zip code
  • Make more informed buying, selling and financing decisions with comprehensive valuation solutions
  • Access the most up-to-date residual values from ALG


Highlight your best deals and encourage consumers through the buying process with the web service that creates offers based on comprehensive regional incentive data and can be easily included alongside vehicle descriptions and vehicle images.

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Move new vehicles fast with complete and timely U.S. and Canadian retail and lease incentives that include stackability and equipment-specific rules and can be easily integrated with research and inventory tools to generate more leads.

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Direct mapping between a Chrome Style ID and third party providers streamlines workflow and enables better representation for lease agreements, loan originations and remarketing decisions.

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Vehicle Specifications

We have our finger on the pulse of what the industry needs to describe vehicles and drive sales. Our vehicle specification solutions are designed to work equally well for automotive professionals and in consumer-facing applications. Whether you need every vehicle data point or high-level data, we make it quick and efficient to find the vehicle information you need to present vehicles to your target audience.

We’ve mastered breadth and depth in our vehicle data and can deliver it in multiple ways to meet your specific needs. Our VIN-decoding solutions are designed to turn a cryptic VIN into an accurate and complete description in milliseconds. We also offer “VINless” decoding using year, make, model and trim. Count on us for accurate, reliable and unbiased information to power your applications.

  • Access industry-leading accurate and comprehensive data for over 40 vehicle makes
  • Better present vehicles to your target audience with detailed specifications
  • Retrieve vehicle specifications via data files, web services or our hosted batch processing
  • Ideally suited for both automotive professionals and consumer-facing applications


The easy-to-implement VIN decoder web service available in basic or full versions to get exactly the data your business needs, whether high-level details for quick inventory listings or deep-dive year, make, model, trim and equipment descriptions.

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The leading vehicle descriptive data for over 25 years, our new data packages offer unsurpassed breadth and depth, covering virtually every domestic and foreign vehicle and diving into as much or as little descriptive detail as needed.

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