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Your systems need the world’s best automotive data, from OEM build data to journalist written vehicle descriptions,​ but you don’t have time to become an automotive data expert yourself. Here’s the solution: our suite of web services allow you to access our data, institutional know-how, and expertise with minimal start-up time and 24×7 availability.

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Introducing the All New

As-Built Valuation Services


Chrome Data has partnered with Black Book® to offer the auto industry’s first valuation platform that automatically adjusts the value of each vehicle with important features and equipment impacting the vehicle’s overall value.

Whether it’s compliance with market-to-market valuation legislation or just the desire to make better decisions about your vehicle asset portfolio, As-Built Valuation Service provides the most complete vehicle values on the market. Proprietary Chrome data is combined with the production plant manifest OEM build data to automatically apply Black Book ® add & deduct adjustments to the base value of each vehicle, minimizing portfolio risk by describing exactly what’s in the vehicle. The service works with a single VIN or via batch processing and returns all values from rough to extra clean.

As Built Valuation Service provides whole portfolio valuations for lease and finance companies, supporting all vehicle lenders, auction companies, fleet management companies, consumer trade-in websites, inventory appraisal applications, dealers, rental companies and all vehicle remarketers.

  • Single or batch VIN results return the exact data you need for wholesale and retail values
  • Service can provide all of Black Book® values from rough to extra clean
  • REST-based service generates an easily usable JSON formatted result
  • Available in a web service and both summary and detailed versions for a quick overview or a full breakdown by vehicle trim
  • Minimize automotive portfolio risk by knowing exactly what is included with every vehicle
  • Get the completeness and accuracy of Chrome Data coupled with the trusted values of Black Book®
  • Algorithm applies known add/deducts from standard vehicle equipment, eliminating manual price decoding
  • More accurate lease/loan portfolio watermark reports and valuations
  • Ascertain the equipment with a high confidence factor

Automotive Description Service

The easy-to-implement VIN decoder web service available in basic or full versions to get exactly the data your business needs, whether high-level details for quick inventory listings or deep-dive make, model, trim and equipment descriptions. The VIN decoder is simple to use, built with the end user in mind.

Your business has unique vehicle description needs. Yet the majority of VIN decoders deliver hundreds of data points in a ‘one size fits all’ approach which does little to streamline your operations. The newest version of our web-based Automotive Description Service (ADS) includes a VIN decoder with customizations so you can get exactly the information you need accompanied by our high end vehicle images.

ADS provides access to over 30 years of vehicle data and high-quality VIN and new car, light truck, and motorcycle information you’ve come to expect from Chrome Data, but now in customizable versions. Choose the basic version if you need simple VIN decoding for quick inventory listings, vehicle validation and verification, or data normalization. Choose the full version if you require the basic data plus the most comprehensive year, make, model, trim and equipment descriptions.

If you have large batches of vehicles that you need to convert into detailed descriptions, our VIN batch processing system is the fast and easy way to get all the automotive information you need, simply upload a list of VINs, or enter YMMS or even Chrome Style IDs to retrieve your file of rich vehicle descriptions.

Add-on modules for vehicle images and OEM Build Data, which is information from the vehicle manufacturer that fully describes a vehicle’s specifications and feature content when the vehicle left the manufacturing plant, complete the customizable approach. These enhancements are paired with the same streamlined web service interface, rich content, unparalleled detail and ‘VINless’ decoding capabilities that have made ADS a VIN decoder market leader.

  • Basic version for pared-down vehicle information
  • Full version for basic data plus comprehensive content
  • Coverage for US and Canadian motorcycle models back to 2003
  • Coverage for US and Canadian car and light truck models back to 1981
  • Convert large batches of vehicles into rich detailed descriptions
  • Optional modules for enhanced images and OEM Build Data
  • VIN-less decoding using year, make, model and trim
  • Web services interface
  • Customizable data parameters
  • Inclusion of vehicle Chrome Style ID
  • Choose the basic or full version and customize data parameters to get exactly the data that meets your business needs
  • Easily add modules for enhanced images and OEM Build Data
  • Streamline operations with web services interface
  • Integrate easily with existing applications and additional solutions provided by Chrome Data

Best Offer

Highlight your best deals and encourage consumers through the buying process with the web service that creates offers based on comprehensive regional incentive data and can be easily included alongside vehicle descriptions.

Because a timely special can turn a casual shopper into a highly qualified lead, it pays to highlight your best deals on your website. We have you covered with our new Best Offer web service.

It creates best offers based on all manufacturers’ regional incentive data for the U.S. market and delivers it in a highly-consumer friendly way. Instead of wading through all the details, consumers see Best Cash Offer, Best Finance Offer and Targeted Programs applicable for a particular vehicle in a given region. The service also returns all of the constituent incentives so you know how each offer is comprised.

As a web service, Best Offer can be easily included alongside vehicle descriptions and/or integrated into an online vehicle configuration tool to encourage consumers through the buying process. It creates the offers you need to present compelling vehicle presentations for more leads and sales.

Product Details
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Web Services FAQs
  • Web service platform
  • Includes Best Cash Offer, Best Finance Offer, Targeted Programs, offer expiration dates and manufacturer disclaimers
  • Timely updates mean new programs are available to the consumer shortly after a manufacturer’s decision
  • Shows the constituent incentives that make-up the offer
  • Includes textual promotions such as “deferred payment”
  • Showcase your best deals and encourage more casual shoppers into qualified leads
  • Integrate with vehicle research and inventory workflows to generate leads throughout your website
  • Get up and running fast with a web services solution
  • Be competitive with timely and easily understandable incentive information

Chrome Construct

Our web service delivers vehicle research, configuration and comparison tools the way your business needs them, making it easy for you to construct web solutions that display and configure vehicles.

Leverage our 25 years of configuration expertise, without ever storing a byte of data. Chrome Construct is the flexible, easy-to-use web service that delivers configuration and comparison tools wherever you need them.

We acquire, normalize, analyze, and improve raw automotive data, then align it with a comprehensive web service interface. You simply write the calls that allow your application to use our data, then present that data the way your business needs it-in high-powered dealer sites, or information-rich portal, media sites or custom ordering systems – with no complex database schemas to build and maintain. It’s Chrome Construct.

Our web services give you all of our expertise and knowledge, with no learning curve.

Products Details
Case Study: Apple Automotive
Case Study: BestRide.com
Case Study: Member Services
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Web Service FAQs
  • Allow your users to research, configure, and price any car and light truck
  • Supports both US and Canadian vehicles
  • Supports Spanish and Canadian French
  • Complete option logic and order codes come built into an easy-to-integrate web services package
  • Technical specifications, vehicle images, warranty info, and standard equipment available for every vehicle
  • Create detailed side-by-side and advantage-based comparisons
  • The web service’s underlying data is updated automatically every day
  • Automatically find competing vehicles that compare with your initial vehicle
  • Search for vehicles by type, specific technical specifications, or by year, make, model, or by user-friendly advanced search web service calls
  • Your application is up and running in the shortest possible time
  • Create a full-featured configurator or comparator for any environment
  • Integrate configuration with comparison
  • You design the workflow your users need
  • Ultimate flexibility with your final implementation
  • You only need to be an expert on your own app, and not the intricacies of automotive data
  • Your users always get the most accurate and current pricing for vehicles and options
  • Leverages your existing platforms: supports JAVA, .NET, PHP, C# and others

Chrome Incentives Service

Move new vehicles fast with complete and timely U.S. and Canadian retail and lease incentives that include stackability and equipment-specific rules and can be easily integrated with research and inventory tools to generate more leads.

Want to move more new vehicles fast? Promote how much you can knock-off the sticker price. Chrome Incentives Service makes it easy.

We offer complete retail and lease incentives for the U.S. and Canadian markets, including: customer cash, finance rates, lease data and special programs. You have instant access to all deal scenarios for every vehicle, including stackability and equipment-specific rules. We leverage our experience as the leading automotive data provider and our deep resources to ensure data is always timely, complete and accurate.

Choose delivery via web service or data file download. All deals are based on customer zip code or postal code and a vehicle identifier, whether that is a VIN, Chrome Style ID or Autodata Acode. These specific codes are also returned in the results, so you have the passcode to Chrome Data’s complete suite of vehicle data and solutions. As a result, you can integrate incentives with research and inventory tools without the headaches of compatibility issues that heavily tap resources.

Whether you’re a dealer, portal or dealer provider, Chrome Incentives Service is the leading solution for promoting new vehicle specials.

Product Details
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Web Service FAQs
  • Web service or data file download
  • Submit customer zip code or postal code and vehicle identifier (VIN, Style ID or Acode)
  • Complete U.S. and Canadian data and vehicle image sets
  • Stackability and equipment-specific rules
  • Auto show programs and special events updated automatically
  • Mapped to Chrome Style ID and Acode
  • Get the most accurate data from the leading automotive data provider
  • Promote new vehicle inventory by highlighting deals
  • Generate more leads throughout your website by easily integrating with research and inventory tools
  • Choose the delivery method that works best for your business